Helping Hands x SZ Blockprints, HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY!



We are so excited to announce the continuation of our partnership with Helping Hands, a charitable organisation operating in Jaipur, the home of SZ Blockprints. We are currently supporting the growth of their vocational training program- they now have 12 machines and are providing training in sewing, pattern making and finishing to men and women from the Kalpathi slum in Jaipur where Helping Hands operate.


SZF has given Helping Hands a funding grant to support the year long training of three women from the slum who are part of the helping hands community - Neteu, Gauri and Deepa. All three women are excited to be learning these empowering skills are are able to save part of their salaries through a Women's Self Help Group, also run by Helping Hands.





Learn more about Helping Hands here.